Sunday, January 26, 2014

Word for 2014 ... Intentional

Last year I chose Joy as my word for the year, and 2013 did its best to squash the joy out of me! So after giving more careful thought for 2014, I’ve chosen Intentional as my word for the year. 

I’ve always had good intentions, so I hope nothing catastrophic happens this year! But I don’t want to live each day merely with good intentions. I want to make intentional use of my time. Why wait for good things to happen when you can make good things happen? 

A Christmas-related business project that I started last year, but then set aside, has been tackled again. I’m tickled with how much I’ve completed in a short amount of intentionally-used time. I hope to tell you more about it in the coming months. 

For now, I’ll just wish you all a happy New Year and ask what you are doing intentionally with your time?


  1. A good word, Brenda, and I like your thinking behind it. Joy is one of my favorite words. I am intentionally just waiting for our flooring to be delivered so we can schedule installation. It is stuck on a truck, up in the frozen tundra. Sigh. My house is a mess and it is starting to drive me a little nuts.

  2. I hope your flooring comes soon! I've been waiting for my dated wall unit to sell since July! Finally got a buyer for it, supposedly, coming this Friday to pay for it and haul it away. Then I can FINALLY put my bookcases where the wall unit currently is, bring up another bookcase from the basement, and get my home office organized. I've had boxes of books and papers sitting around the office and dining room since late July! I'm so beyond ready to have an intentionally tidy office. :-D


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