Sunday, February 28, 2010

Please participate in the February Poll! (NOTE: Now closed)

[NOTE: the poll - now closed - has been removed.] Hello, friends! February is at its end. Did you try any new recipes this month? Have you found new treats for Christmas? I did! I discovered a better sausage ball recipe, and my daughter and I created red hot peanut brittle that we think rocks! What about you? What new recipes are you excited about? Tell us about them, and don't forget to take the poll!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

#3 - February: Experiment with New Recipes

The worst time for attempting new holiday recipes is during Christmas when we're already strapped for time. If you're like me, you found some recipes that made your mouth water, but you never found the time to make them. Whether you needed to make treats for a party, your family, or gift-giving, you didn't have time to experiment with new recipes. You fell back on the old reliables that you've been making for years.

Let's pull out a few of those untried recipes and make them now. I'm a bit late with this suggestion, which I intended to make well before Valentine's Day (another holiday when sweets and treats are expected), but there are still a couple of weeks left to surprise someone you love.

Today I tried a new recipe for sausage balls, and I'm pleased to report that they are the best I've ever made! I have a recipe for spiced pecans that I didn't get to make in December but plan to make this month. My daughter loves to experiment with peanut brittle recipes; she's got an idea for making red hot peanut brittle that we'll try this month as well. If it's a success, it will go on her list of Christmas treats to make and give as gifts!

I'll post a poll near the end of the month to find out how you did with your holiday recipes this month, so please visit again!

P.S. The above photo is of our traditional Christmas morning monkey bread. I don't think I'll ever replace it as our family holiday breakfast!