Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Vintage Christmas

I’ve been organizing my photos. For close to ten years, they have been taken with a digital camera, but I’ve come into possession of some vintage prints that I’ve been scanning and organizing as well.

TIP: Keep your photos scanned, sorted, saved, etc. Friends have lost years’ worth of family photos to computer crashes and errors. That’s heartrending! Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do in today’s snowstorm.

I thought I’d share a couple of vintage Christmas shots. I love to look at the details and see what decorations (and people) used to look like.
My First Christmas - back in the 1960s
Real Fire, Real Tree - Christmas 1981

My mom has always had a star like that one as a tree topper. I've had stars, angels, bows, and a Santa hat. I love to change things up now and then! But my mom is content with her star. The one she has now was bought for her by my brother, she says. She might still have the tree I gave her more than 20 years ago!

The lone stocking in the picture is one I bought for my brother. We didn’t “do” stockings in my childhood. I tried to start a new tradition. I had bought one as part of my gift to my brother (filling it with candy and goofy toys), and I made myself one out of an old sheet that I decorated with magic marker drawings. I completely understand why that one is not hanging by the fire.

I’m watching it snow from the corner of my eye. Snow is an exciting occurrence in this part of the USA. I hope it blankets everything in white. I left my outside Christmas lights up, hoping for a chance to get a photo of my house with snow and lights as if it was a snowy Christmas. (Just a little eccentricity of mine)

The snow is so light it almost looks like rain. I’m going to make some hot cocoa and watch the snow before time passes and it’s too late.

What do you do when you see snow?


  1. I love your vintage Christmas photos! I just recently started scanning my photos in and organizing them. My favorite photos are the ones from Christmas. Such beautiful memories. I'm in Michigan and it started snowing here well before Christmas. It was nice having a white Christmas this year!

  2. Thanks, Kris. Vintage photos, especially of Christmas, make me long for the good ol' days. Since I've lived in South Carolina, we had a white Christmas only once, and it was glorious! This is our first snow of this winter, and it's just an icy dusting. Such a disappointment! Not enough out there to make a decent snow angel.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your photos, Brenda! Hope there is enough snow for you to get the picture you are coveting!! It's still snowing up your way, here and there, I think. Take care!!

  4. At 10am this morning, it is sunny and 22 degrees with a windchill of 15. Bleh. My area didn't get as much snow as the Midlands and Coast! There's not enough snow to make a decent snow angel. But roads are slick. You wouldn't think there would be ice there, but many people have found out the hard way.


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