Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Check out My Guest Blog at Action Plan Ministries!

local tree lighting ceremony 2013
Sorry I’ve been absent; I’ve been juggling jobs, battling sickness, and seeing my mom (500 miles away – I wish we lived closer). Of course, I’ve also been decorating for Christmas! Remember the bags of decorations I posted about last summer? I’ve been having fun finding places for all the new-to-me items that a friend gave me.

I’ll be blogging for real, soon. I’ve been blogging in my head for several weeks now. LOL  In the meantime, click this link to my guest blog for Action Plan Ministries: Dump Christmas Clutter — No Trash Bags Needed.

How far along in holiday preparations are you? Are you having fun yet?

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  1. Brenda, with the exception of a few gifts to wrap, I am ready for Christmas. Decorating done, packages for family 'up north' are in the mail....I just need it to cool off a bit, so I can wear a few of my Christmas tops!


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