Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tip for Gifts When Times Are Tight

I have a couple of friends who have raved about Swagbucks for months. They talked about trading swagbucks for giftcards and using their swagbucks to get birthday and Christmas gifts for their families. I didn't pay much attention.

Then times got tight for me. I gave in and joined a week ago. You might want to think about it too. It's primarily for people living in the USA, I think, but I understand that Canadians have swagbuck opportunities as well.

Search & Win is a GPT (get-paid-to) site. By joining, you have the chance to earn rewards online. Many websites ask you to fill out surveys and sign-up for spam, and you can do that on SwagBucks too, but you can totally avoid that and still earn swagbucks! How, you ask? You can use the SwagBucks Search Engine as you normally would in Google or Yahoo. A popup announces a win. Winning from searching happens randomly. The trick is to search regularly every hour or so. You can win as much as 5 to 50 SBs (swagbucks) per random win! You can also earn swagbucks by answering a daily poll, watching commercial videos, and more. Then there are secret codes that are hidden now and then for you to find. When you join, the website keeps an ongoing tally of your bucks in the upper righthand corner. It's very nice to see that number go up. They have a blog and tip pages as well. Joining the SwagBucks page on Facebook can help you figure some of this stuff out. 

Each swagbuck is worth about 2 cents. In the span of a week, I've earned almost enough for a $5 Amazon e-giftcard. Some people are a lot more active on SwagBucks than I am. Still, every little bit helps in the current economy. Suppose I do the minimal amount each week. There are 52 weeks in a year. That means I could end up with an extra $260 to spend online each year, and if I really want to dive into Swagbucks, I can earn more! Watch out, though, as going after swagbucks can be addicting!

You can also earn swagbucks from referrals, so if you want to help me out as you check it out, 

Do you already Swag? Post and share your tips or your favorite gift!


  1. If you choose to fill out special offers, I highly recommend getting a gmail account dedicated to your special offers and get a google phone number, as well. You can get a 100-300 swagbucks for requesting insurance quotes, but you'll get at least 20-30 phone calls, so you won't want them to have your home phone number. I earn $25-$75 in amazon money per month through swagbucks. One month I earned $150. You get out of it what you put into it.

  2. Brenda you are so right it can be addictive. I love swagbucks and am trying to get more "active" so I can earn more. I was just able to get Aimee for her bday the first 4 books of the Boxcar Children and a butterfly necklace because I bought them on Amazon with my gift cards from Swagbucks. In November I got my nephew his first bday present thanks to Amazon. I've gotten Jonathan a few books also.

    I've solely done Amazon and have earned about $90 in amazon gift cards and if I would have worked harder on it may have been able to earn more but that is still awesome. I know see they have added some restaurant gc that I may start saving for so that Jon and I can go out more :)

    Anyone joining swagbucks will have fun and even if you don't go to their FB page you will still enjoy it and will have fun earning SB while searching (also if you notice the search site is google so why not use it and maybe get rewarded for that search lol)

  3. Melissa, how do you get a google phone number? I did fill out a survey and answered that I was interested in education, and I've gotten an avalanche of phone calls since then! EEK!

    Dawn, the awesome thing about the Facebook page is that if you see a search phrase that was a very recent winner and try it, your chances are good that it will win for you too.


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