Saturday, April 6, 2013

April Birthday Finger Food Friday

As mentioned in the previous blog, my good friend Beth and I share a birthday, so we choose a date near the beginning of April get together to celebrate. We also love appetizers and have a standing arrangement to meet up for FFF (finger food Fridays) once a month (the purpose of which is to make and/or sample a variety of appetizers and then choose our favorites for Christmas parties when the time comes).

Well, we were slackers in the FFF department yesterday. Instead of homemade appetizer goodness, we relied on store-bought! Beth brought over a kit containing cheese, ham, and crackers and a box of mini-cinnamon rolls, pictured below. They were very good. I believe I ate more than was wise, but I tell myself that it may be a long time (December) before I’m offered these again, so I should make the most of my chances!  

Meanwhile, I relied on frozen chicken egg rolls, which I deep-fried, with sweet & sour sauce (below) as well as ...(scroll down)

Leftover Easter deviled eggs, which I did make at home, but not specifically for FFF. Beth said she doesn’t usually care for deviled eggs, but she liked these and ate two! If I were to make these for Christmas, I'd just make red and green ones. Maybe include some white.

I’m going to experiment with some breakfast-food appetizers next. I've realized that many of my favorite appetizers have sausage in them! Otherwise, I’m not a big eater of sausage. But crumble it up and add it to balls of Bisquick and shredded cheese, and I will make myself sick popping them into my mouth!

What appetizer makes your eyes light up when you spy it on a buffet table?

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  1. Oh, Brenda...I like anything with sausage in it too, and always go for any appetizer that has meat in it. I don't think I could ever be a vegetarian. Those mini smoked sausages, heated in bbq sauce or meatballs in that sweet sauce made with grape jelly... OMG. Cheese would be 2nd on my list. Anything with cheese, or just cheese and crackers.


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