Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Quick Return to Photo Advice (with a photo)

In December, I gave you a set of tips for taking Christmas photos. One tip was to make sure you don’t hide behind the camera. I read a blog today that expressed the same opinion more eloquently and in more depth than I did. The post is titled, So You’re Feeling Too Fat to Be Photographed, and it was written by Teresa Porter of My Friend Teresa Photography.

Mom grinning, 12/2009
My mom often looks pained in photos; being photographed is not one of her favorite activities, but she puts up with it because she loves me. One of the best photos I ever took happened by accident. We were in a hotel/office building, and I had posed her near some huge windows to get natural light. As I worked my way into a better position for the shot, I bumped my head on a steel beam. This, my mother found funny. I quickly snapped the picture. Finally! She is relaxed, not pained, with a mischievous, mirthful look in her eyes and a natural grin on her face. 

That's what everyone wants—to see you as they naturally see you. Not tense, pained, or hiding. Anyway, check out that blog whether you need the message for yourself or for a member of your family. 

You already know that I don't mind having my picture taken or using my own photos in my blog. How do you feel about being photographed?


  1. I don't like being in photos - because I AM too fat! LOL I'll go check out the link you gave to us!! You always look great in your photos, Brenda. I wish you had posted the photo of your mom, so we could see it, too!!

  2. I'll try to find that photo. I think it's on the other computer. And you will never see the thousands of photos of me that I thought were awful--I have some doozies. I am just persistent and will keep posing till I get a shot I like!

  3. I found the photo! It was from 2009. :-)

  4. Thank you, Brenda! I love it! You are so right - great capture!


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