Sunday, September 30, 2012

Preparing for ... Preparing for Holiday Meals (yes, you read that right!)

My original recipe Dreamsicle Cake
My previous blog was about preparing in advance for your favorite holiday meals and homemade treats. I’ve already added something special to my freezer for a December dinner. But, while perusing the contents of my refrigerators (I have two), my freezers (a small deep freeze plus the two that are part of my fridges), and my pantry, I saw a problem.

Someone has stored old, freezer burnt, and expired stuff inside those spaces! Can you believe that? So now I’ll need to clean out all the junk to have room for my soon-to-be prepared-early holiday foods!

So, today’s blog is a challenge. If it’s been a while, clean the yuck out of your refrigerator, freezer, pantry, and cabinets. Toss all the old, bad, and questionable stuff. Organize what’s left and clear a space for what’s to come. You’ll feel good, and you’ll be ready to create some special foods to save for the coming holiday season!


  1. Good idea - I stuck a half glass of milk in the fridge last week, took it out a day or two later, took a sip and spewed it out - UGH, tasted HORRID from absorbing all the "old food" smells.

  2. I try to be vigilent about expiration dates, but sometimes I pull something out and realize it expired two years ago!! Yikes!! How did time go by so fast? I was sure I would use (whatever)! You are right to prod us into doing this. I know my freezer needs to be cleaned out. Sigh.

    We decided to go out for Thanksgiving dinner this year. I feel better about it already! I'll still probably do a small turkey, so I have leftovers to freeze!! :-)

  3. Terri, we will likely be enjoying our Thanksgiving feast at Cracker Barrel this year. Last year my daughter had to work on Thanksgiving Day, but the previous year we went to CB and enjoyed having a good Thanksgiving dinner that we didn't have to make. It's the next best thing to going home, when you can't go home. My first choice would be having a home-cooked feast surrounded by family, but the distance and work schedules and car issues don't allow for that much any more.


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