Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christmas Countdown!

Hey, y’all! (Even though I’m from the Midwest, I sometimes say “y’all” for fun because I’ve lived in the South for more than half my life.)  As of today, September 6, it is 109 days till Christmas, and 84 days till December 1! I placed a handy-dandy countdown generator at the top of my page so that you can keep track. It snows in the generator more than it snows down South, so I may spend a lot of time here, just staring at the snow. *giggles*

The purpose of “Christmas All Year Long” is to encourage you to prepare in advance for the biggest and busiest holiday season of the year so that when December arrives, your busy work will be done, and you can enjoy the celebration and spend time relaxing or playing or whatever you want to do with your family and friends.  No more frantic shopping trips! No more late night baking, wrapping, decorating, and crying! No more regrets and sighs of “maybe next year ...”  Now is the time! This is the year! So what are you waiting for? Pull out your Christmas to-do list (or make one) and choose something to work on this week!

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