Monday, March 21, 2011

March Mayhem

Jaw dropped from shock.
Don't let this be you!
Dear Readers,
It's been a month that reinforces my message for the need to be prepared. My lovely writing and editing job that pays my mortgage is coming to an end. Rather than work on Christmas concerns, I've been updating my resume, joining LinkedIn, and spreading the word that I need a job!

Because I believe in being prepared, I do have a small savings account. I also have an IRA that I can draw from. Best of all, I have some good leads on jobs. Hopefully I'll have more work lined up before I run out of savings. 

For me, this situation reinforces the idea of being prepared for the holidays. You never know when disaster is going to strike. If you don't plan in advance for Christmas, what happens if disaster strikes in November or December? You may not have the finances or interest for normal festivities. There may be no happy memories made. Your kids may remember the holiday as the worst in the history of holidays.

As for me, I had already started adding little gifts to my gift cabinet as I came across sale items that would make good gifts. My cards were bought and stashed away in January. I have a supply of Christmas wrapping paper and bows that may last until the Lord returns! Ready or not, Christmas is coming; it won't catch me by surprise because I do plan ahead. It may be a toned-down holiday this year, but it will still be fun. We'll make the new desserts we experimented with last month. We'll enjoy the free local activities. There will be gifts, even if most are of the homemade variety.

Some of you will be grandparents by the time Christmas rolls around. Some of you may become parents for the first or second time. Some will lose jobs, while others will find new jobs. Some will move to a new home or even a new region. This year may bring the biggest changes of your life . . . or it may be the same ol' same ol' that it always is. Either way, you can make Christmas special. It doesn't take a lot of money, but it does take thought, and it takes time. Don't leave it to chance.

Get motivated to start planning now for the best Christmas ever. You can bet I am!

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