Friday, August 6, 2010

#9 - August: Great Shopping Month!

Listen, I know Christmas is technically a long way off, but you know how fast time flies these days. It will be here before you know it! Now is a good time to start making those gift lists and seeking out bargains. I bring this up now because of the Back-to-School sales. This weekend in a number of states it's "tax-free weekend" on a lot of items that could be saved as gifts - art supplies, computer stuff, clothes, etc. Your state's website will provide more details about what you can buy tax-free. Other stores will offer good sale prices on the not-tax-free merchandise in order to be competitive. There's no telling what you'll find!

I may be back later this month with another Christmas-related topic, but I just wanted to give you this idea while it was still timely! Happy hunting!


  1. I have also started buying gift cards. It serves my husband for me to buy 1 per paycheck so as not to overwhelm our budget come December! At the end of the year I have a nice stash for gifts.

  2. Ann, that's a great idea! As long as there's either no expiration date, or one that lasts a year, buying in advance like that will really help the budget.

    Thanks for sharing your tip!


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