Tuesday, March 16, 2010

#4 - March: Work on Handmade Gifts or Start a Gift Notebook

I am two weeks later than planned, but better late than never, right? I’m sorry; life has been dribbling me like a basketball in a championship game.

The goal for the month of March is simple. For us, March is Make Gifts Month. The weather is still kind of chilly and damp, keeping us indoors most of the time. For those who are able to knit, crochet, embroider, or sew, this month offers time for those kinds of projects. If you are crafty, put your hobby to good use this month.

If you are like me, you intend to make some of your Christmas gifts either because you love the personal touch or you’re frugal, but time slips away before you know it. Suddenly you are facing the holiday whirlwind with no time left for quiet projects! Then you have to wander the store aisles trying to find gifts within your budget. That's why we need a plan for starting early.

If making gifts doesn’t appeal to you, you can still use this month to create a gift notebook, a place to jot down not only ideas for gifts or gifts that have been made or bought and tucked away, but also sizes, favorite colors, styles, and motifs, etc. After all, you can ask questions without anyone suspecting that you are preparing for Christmas! You can casually mention possible gift items and gauge your loved one’s reaction. Come Christmas, your questions and conversations will have been forgotten, and your gifts will truly be a welcome surprise!


  1. Okay, I am not very crafty. Never had the patience to learn an actual craft but I can cook and bake and have some old family recipes. So I am thinking about doing the notebook thing and making up a list of food gifts I can make and start working on some really cool recipe cards! Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Here it is March 29, and I have done nothing! Well, I took care of a dear daughter who had oral surgery, and I ran around town searching for prom items that she needs for next month. Not to mention getting ready for Easter!

    Now I need to kick it into high gear and do the notebook thing! I WILL be prepared come December. I WILL be prepared!


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